Last Post Blog


Hi everyone,

Today I will be writing my last blog post for 2016. It’s been a great year to write blog post to you and today I will be writing some highlights ,like how we went to inter-school sports and the soccer team came 2nd place. This year has been the best and I hope it will be the same next year. I also have another highlight when we all went to the zoo.It was the best thing because we all were there and we had fun looking at all the different animals.I hope I have more fun next year because we have a great teacher.


Bye Norbu

Steward of the earth

Hi everyone,

I have learned to be a steward is to follow god’s way and treat his creation how we treat other things. And also by treat the earth like stop littering, poachers.chopping trees and by wasting the earth resources. People who are doing all of the bad things to the earth like throwing rubbish anywhere so that is treating the earth with disrespect. Also what you do to the earth will happen to you so you will get treated bad if you treat the arth really badly.

Would you want to be a steward?

Bye Norbu    

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What happens to the earth happens to you.

Zoo Adventure

Hey guys,
About a week ago. All of the seniors went to the Melbourne zoo to find out more about endangered animals. And we had a choose 1 animal to save I choose the helmeted honey eater. We got into groups and we went to explore the zoo the first animal we saw was the Asian Elephant it was a talk their a worker was talking about how the Asian Elephant is doing.After watching the animals we had a quick break my group ate were the Meerkat were and there were holes to play in and there was a playground where we started playing. After there was another talk it was about the Meerkats how do they live and you protects their family. A couple more minutes later we went to find out where the other group was and then we found where they were they were next to the giraffe’s eating. The last place in the zoo we checked out was the reptiles we saw many different animals and me and Nathan played a game who could find the reptiles first. Finally we finished and went on the bus and went back to school.img_0809

Kristina visit

Hi everyone,

Two weeks ago  we did art then a women called Kristina taught us how to use clay. And we made a clay bowl and we had to write our names on it and we had to paint it both sides I  painted it yellow and red in the front and blue and red. And my other broke when I was holding it.img_20160914_130327

Police Visit

Hi guys,

Today I was surprised officers from the Victoria police department came to talk to us. Their name were Di and Joe they told us about cyber bullying and how we should stop it. Today I discovered that you can be arrested if you are above 10. I’m most proud of how I told them that I do not  bullying anyone and I don’t talk to any strangers. At the end they asked us questions and if we got the correct answers we got to keep a wrist band. We all got one and I was really shocked because they told us a story about a girl was bulled so much that after school she killed herself and I felt really bad for her. Everyone was shocked and they was a another story about 2 people were taking naked photos of them selfies. They showed us different photos and slides about cyber bullying IMG_0583

but the girl lived in Italy and it was not even a girl it was an old man. And on the band it has the number for the police department and the colors were blue and white What would you do if you got bullied?

And how will you fell if you were the girl?




Book Week Celebration

Hi everyone,

Today is Book week celebration day. If you don’t know what book week is, you have to dress up as your favorite character from a book.  And we also do fun actives like today we had to make a kite because a book about wind was chosen for the best book called. My teachers Miss Bek and Miss Rachel dress up a the twits. I dressed up as a soccer player I brang my Barca top. And after we went to the library for some books and we had to get a book and half it with our faces and it was called book face. We had lots of fun we did it with partners and we had to a picture. It was really fun and that was a really fun I hope next year will be like this.  GOOD BYE!!!!!!



Hey guys,

Yesterday the both senior’s had to do dance lessons. We had to do 2 lessons because we missed the last one. First we started with a warm up then we had to do all the bollywood dancing with the song. After we had to practise the moves then senior B got there positions for the dance. Then Senior B practise the dance with their positions. We were finished then at the end of the day Senior R got their positions and their partners. I was with Thomas and we had to practise the dance with the song All Around The World and we had to work our freestyles.Me, Tom,  keenan and james worked that we are going to do the harlem shake and Tom is going to the worm and at the end we are going to the the DAB. After we finished that we finished and we went upstairs and we got to go home. If you had to pick a dance which one would you do the bollywood or the hip hop?

Parade collage visit

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the year 5 boys visited parade Preston. When we got there we watched a little clip what they do their. We got to visit all the classrooms at we met a person who came to our school. After visiting all the rooms we got to do some work. First we got to do science which was amazing and in the science room their was a lady with a pet snake on her. I was excited because I wanted to touch it. After Science we got to do Sport we played a game that involved a ball if you have a beep you have to try to get a person with the ball you can´t throw the ball but you have to tag the person with the ball. Then we played a soccer match my team won the scores were 3-1. We were about to leave but the principle got us hot-dogs but me Noah and Khoder could not eat hot dogs so I bought one burger with chips. I told the lady can you half it and she said sure. So on the bus we ate burgers with chips. Then we came back to school and ate lunch because it was eating time what a day that was.

Bye Norbu.