Sleek Geek Movie

Hi Guys,

Today we watched our Sleek Geek Movie our parents got to come and watch it as well. Noah’s group went first and my group went last the people in my group were Bryon and Riad and our question was Can water be recycled. I was proud of our movie sound effects and how we finished  it and edit all of it and some of the feedback from the other students they said that they liked how we added all of the sound effects      Bye Norbu.


Fire Fighter Visit

Hi guys,

On Tuesday the 2 seniors and a visit from the MFB. We went through some things you had to be careful of when you there is a fire. I learnt that if their is a fire you have to cover your mouth so you don’t smell the smoke.their is 3 things of fire heat,oxygen and fuel if you take out one of them their won’t be a fire. If there is a fire and your in your room closed the door and the little gap underneath it a open the window  and call for help.

By NorbuIMG_8879