Parade collage visit

Hi everyone,

Yesterday the year 5 boys visited parade Preston. When we got there we watched a little clip what they do their. We got to visit all the classrooms at we met a person who came to our school. After visiting all the rooms we got to do some work. First we got to do science which was amazing and in the science room their was a lady with a pet snake on her. I was excited because I wanted to touch it. After Science we got to do Sport we played a game that involved a ball if you have a beep you have to try to get a person with the ball you can´t throw the ball but you have to tag the person with the ball. Then we played a soccer match my team won the scores were 3-1. We were about to leave but the principle got us hot-dogs but me Noah and Khoder could not eat hot dogs so I bought one burger with chips. I told the lady can you half it and she said sure. So on the bus we ate burgers with chips. Then we came back to school and ate lunch because it was eating time what a day that was.

Bye Norbu.

The Switch

Hi Guys,

Yesterday we had to do this thing called watch and respond. We had to watch a video about a ball boy named Lee and Ronaldo switch bodies. We had to answer question like write a summary about the video and what was the key messages of the video. Also Ronaldo in lee’s body made him play for Manchester city and England they both was really good in each of their bodies I mean like Ronaldo was good in Lee’s body and Lee was good in Ronaldo’s body. If you could swap bodies with a famous soccer player who would it be and why?


Tchau which means goodbye in Portuguese.

My T2 Goals

Hi Everyone,

WELCOME BACK it is the first day back from the school holidays. Today I will write about my goals


I am determined to do good in Decimals and Fraction because I need some help when I do Fractions and Decimals and I really want to learn how to do fractions and Decimals by the end of the term.

Second Goal: My second goal is to not talk when I have to be silent when the teacher tells me to I can achieve that goal by sitting next to a friend that can remind me to be silent.

Thats all for today’s post