Hey guys,

Yesterday the both senior’s had to do dance lessons. We had to do 2 lessons because we missed the last one. First we started with a warm up then we had to do all the bollywood dancing with the song. After we had to practise the moves then senior B got there positions for the dance. Then Senior B practise the dance with their positions. We were finished then at the end of the day Senior R got their positions and their partners. I was with Thomas and we had to practise the dance with the song All Around The World and we had to work our freestyles.Me, Tom,  keenan and james worked that we are going to do the harlem shake and Tom is going to the worm and at the end we are going to the the DAB. After we finished that we finished and we went upstairs and we got to go home. If you had to pick a dance which one would you do the bollywood or the hip hop?

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