Police Visit

Hi guys,

Today I was surprised officers from the Victoria police department came to talk to us. Their name were Di and Joe they told us about cyber bullying and how we should stop it. Today I discovered that you can be arrested if you are above 10. I’m most proud of how I told them that I do not  bullying anyone and I don’t talk to any strangers. At the end they asked us questions and if we got the correct answers we got to keep a wrist band. We all got one and I was really shocked because they told us a story about a girl was bulled so much that after school she killed herself and I felt really bad for her. Everyone was shocked and they was a another story about 2 people were taking naked photos of them selfies. They showed us different photos and slides about cyber bullying IMG_0583

but the girl lived in Italy and it was not even a girl it was an old man. And on the band it has the number for the police department and the colors were blue and white What would you do if you got bullied?

And how will you fell if you were the girl?




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