Zoo Adventure

Hey guys,
About a week ago. All of the seniors went to the Melbourne zoo to find out more about endangered animals. And we had a choose 1 animal to save I choose the helmeted honey eater. We got into groups and we went to explore the zoo the first animal we saw was the Asian Elephant it was a talk their a worker was talking about how the Asian Elephant is doing.After watching the animals we had a quick break my group ate were the Meerkat were and there were holes to play in and there was a playground where we started playing. After there was another talk it was about the Meerkats how do they live and you protects their family. A couple more minutes later we went to find out where the other group was and then we found where they were they were next to the giraffe’s eating. The last place in the zoo we checked out was the reptiles we saw many different animals and me and Nathan played a game who could find the reptiles first. Finally we finished and went on the bus and went back to school.img_0809

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