Steward of the earth

Hi everyone,

I have learned to be a steward is to follow god’s way and treat his creation how we treat other things. And also by treat the earth like stop littering, poachers.chopping trees and by wasting the earth resources. People who are doing all of the bad things to the earth like throwing rubbish anywhere so that is treating the earth with disrespect. Also what you do to the earth will happen to you so you will get treated bad if you treat the arth really badly.

Would you want to be a steward?

Bye Norbu    

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What happens to the earth happens to you.

One thought on “Steward of the earth

  1. Hi Norbu,
    I really liked how you added not just to be a stewardship person but also a non-stewardship person as well. Too answer your question would you like to be a steward, I would be because your caring for the environment and our future.
    Good job on your blog post!


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