The Switch

Hi Guys,

Yesterday we had to do this thing called watch and respond. We had to watch a video about a ball boy named Lee and Ronaldo switch bodies. We had to answer question like write a summary about the video and what was the key messages of the video. Also Ronaldo in lee’s body made him play for Manchester city and England they both was really good in each of their bodies I mean like Ronaldo was good in Lee’s body and Lee was good in Ronaldo’s body. If you could swap bodies with a famous soccer player who would it be and why?


Tchau which means goodbye in Portuguese.

My T2 Goals

Hi Everyone,

WELCOME BACK it is the first day back from the school holidays. Today I will write about my goals


I am determined to do good in Decimals and Fraction because I need some help when I do Fractions and Decimals and I really want to learn how to do fractions and Decimals by the end of the term.

Second Goal: My second goal is to not talk when I have to be silent when the teacher tells me to I can achieve that goal by sitting next to a friend that can remind me to be silent.

Thats all for today’s post


Sleek Geek Movie

Hi Guys,

Today we watched our Sleek Geek Movie our parents got to come and watch it as well. Noah’s group went first and my group went last the people in my group were Bryon and Riad and our question was Can water be recycled. I was proud of our movie sound effects and how we finished  it and edit all of it and some of the feedback from the other students they said that they liked how we added all of the sound effects      Bye Norbu.


Fire Fighter Visit

Hi guys,

On Tuesday the 2 seniors and a visit from the MFB. We went through some things you had to be careful of when you there is a fire. I learnt that if their is a fire you have to cover your mouth so you don’t smell the smoke.their is 3 things of fire heat,oxygen and fuel if you take out one of them their won’t be a fire. If there is a fire and your in your room closed the door and the little gap underneath it a open the window  and call for help.

By NorbuIMG_8879

Cross Country

Hi guys,

Today we went to cross country. first the 9 and 10 boys went first i was their i came 13th and Adrian came 4th. And 4 people from my school into the next division. And I had to do 2,ooo km and the other to person from my school Lincoln and Ethan. Lincoln came 16th and Ethan came 17th. And we met a person from school last year her name was Achina she was running in the 11 girls.

By Norbu


Something i am working on

Hi everyone,

Today I will be sharing my goals with you. The first goal is to improve my spelling ability, because in the language convention in Naplan the spelling part was little bit hard. And sometimes my grandpa tells me spelling words.

bye Norbu.


Hi guys,

Today we have finished Naplan.  On Tuesday we had to do Language Conventions and Writing, on Wednesday we did Reading and finally today we did Maths. I am most proud of myself because I finished all the questions and I felt most confident when I did the first Naplan test because I had practiced at home.  I was surprised that the Reading  test was little bit hard because the questions for reading on the second last page were long.

Something I would like to say to someone who hasn’t done Naplan is to do your best and don’t worry if you get stuck on a question, just have a go.

By Norbu

Cross Country Trail

Hi guys,

Last Wednesday my school had cross country trails. Everyone had to run around my school, the middles had to run around school twice even had to run twice because I am only 10 years old. The 11 and 12 had to run 3 laps around the school. I most proud of coming 4th place. When I was running I couldn’t breathe . How would you do if you ran 2 laps around your


By Norbu


Class Assembly

Hey everyone,

Last week Senior R and Senior B had a Assembly it was about Anzac day. I had a role of the story of Anzac. If you

don know when Anzac day is it is on the 25th of April. There is 12 parts and i was number 8.

well after we did the story Mya sang the Australian anthem. Well that was all  what we did in the assembly

Bye Norbu.IMG_8650




Yesterday we did Italian, we had to type on the computer a question in Italian. The questions I asked was how old are you, what is your favorite thing, your school, your name etc.

When we finished me, Dominic and  Josh made a PowerPoint of As roma. It is a soccer team in the Italian league, which is also called Serie A. What is your favorite Italian team?

791px-AS_Roma_logo_(2013).svgBy: Norbu